ABOUT the makeup show forum

As artists, we have had to constantly develop our skill set and make decisions about how we will work with our clients in a special way. I Artist is designed for makeup artists, hair stylists, students, enthusiasts and anyone who wants to build a beauty industry career. Reevaluate, reprogram, recharge, rethink success, reboot and relate to your art and your client in a manner that is completely individual, yet connected to your supportive community. I Artist inspires. I Artist will influence you. I Artist will impact the way you design, the way you apply, the way you love your love as a creative, as a business and as your own brand. 

In this all new program from The Makeup Show, we will work to help you find balance in today’s industry and build to the next level by tapping into the five senses and beyond. I Artist pulls you deeper, pushes you further and puts you in a place to be all that you want to be. Become better than you are today to create experiences that are impactful and unforgettable. We will connect you to leaders in our industry, legends in beauty and individuals who have made a mark in their own field. Make up your mind to surround yourself with people that challenge you. Decide to do what you need to do to be where you want to be. Meet the people who are doing it and have done it. Make the change. Take action. Can you see it? Do you feel it? It’s so close you can taste it.

I Artist 2.0 is brought to you by The Makeup Show, James Vincent, Danessa Myricks

and Shelly Taggar.


I artist was designed to be an incubator of success where like minded artists can connect, collaborate and be inspired.
— Danessa Myricks, Owner of Danessa Myricks Beauty and Co-creator of The Makeup Show Forum
Doing something extraordinary requires belief in yourself. I came out of this event with a newfound belief in myself and now have used that power to make many dreams come true.
— Celeste Gonzalez, I Artist 2018 attendee
Being from Mississippi, there are no local opportunities to be educated by working industry professionals. Not only did iArtist give me invaluable information about makeup artistry, but it also afforded me the opportunity to make lifetime connections with other artists.
— Nana Kumi, I Artist 2018 Attendee
I left I Artist feeling inspired with a purpose and a sense of direction that I wanted to take my artistry in.
— Sara Saad, I Artist 2018 attendee
After the success of the first I Artist in San Francisco last spring, we’re excited to bring the program to our east coast artists in the nation’s capital.
— Shelly Taggar, Owner of The Makeup Show, Co-creator of The Makeup Show Forum
We’re excited to highlight the talent that the DMV area has to offer. I Artist is a learning experience like no other, and we hope you’re able to join us this summer.
— James Vincent, Director of Education and Artistry. Co-creator of The Makeup Show Forum