Charlotte Willer

Danish born makeup artist Charlotte Willer’s work spreads across magazine covers, television and film – collaborating with some of the most distinguished clients and photographers in the world from Patrick Demarchelier to Mert & Marcus.

“I approach everyone the same way. There really is not any difference except the strength of the looks and understanding each project’s needs”

As she launched into the industry, she worked with prestigious clients like Estee Lauder, Clinique, Dior and Yves St. Laurent. Through her talents, Charlotte landed a contract with Maybelline specializing in product development as the Global consulting makeup artist.

Charlotte works with an exceptional celebrity clientele such as Blake Lively, Aishrawayra Rai, Uma Thurman Julianne Moore & Gwenyth Paltrow. As Charlotte respects each woman’s unique allure, she’s able to create individualized looks that match their personal style and essence.

Charlotte’s remarkable ability to transform skin is a signature talent. In each of her editorial photos, the models have stunning, radiant faces. The techniques are executed so meticulously that the effect appears completely natural. Her sophisticated understanding of light and color interacts with the camera, allowing her to produce a high- definition result.

“Anyone can wear any color it is just a matter of applying it well. Be creative and try new things. Technology evolves everyday so why stay back with the old stuff. I am permanently curious and looking for new ways of doing things.”

This expertise is revealed in her work for advertising. Charlotte’s artistry and business-savvy is shown consistently through her work and her understanding of the playfulness of makeup for real women and the commercial viability to sell those looks. She pays attention to a variety of factors such as the brand’s identity, the ad’s color scheme and even the model’s hair style. Her ability to realize these factors is why she is consistently chosen by the top makeup brands to help create and collaborate on everything from color creation to advertising campaigns.

Now Charlotte is expanding her expertise to products for both the professional and the novice artist.